Capela Santa Margarida Red 2016

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Capela Santa Margarida Red 2016

capela santa margarida 2016The Story

The Capela Santa Margarida Red 2016 is a blend of 40% Aragonez (Tempranillo), 40% Trincadeira (a local varietal) and 20% Alicante Bouschet (a hybrid grape mostly used in blends) farmed in vineyards in the Alentejano region of southern Portugal. Capa Santa Margarida is an ancient 15th-century chapel and the vineyards located on what was the chapels property. Alentejano is also known for cork production and while most value-priced wines have a recycled cork or some plastic-like thing, the Capela has a real, honest cork.

If you notice, Portuguese wines use grape names that you may be unfamiliar with, even when they use an international varietal they still use the Portuguese name. That is mainly because for most of Portugal wine history, Portuguese wine was made for and consumed by the Portuguese. It wasn’t until the economic downturn of 2008 when the Portuguese government needed an infusion of cash, that exporting Portuguese wine became a priority. Since the Portuguese wine industry was insular they were immune to wine fads and trends. There is a lot of talk about New World wines vs Old World wines, but Portuguese wines are neither, they are their own category.

This blend was aged in stainless steel tanks for 9 months, the wine saw no oak conditioning, and was then aged an additional 3 months in the bottle. The wine is certified organic, vegan-friendly, but does have sulfites. The alcohol content is 14%.

The Tasting Notes

The color is a strawberry jelly red with dark highlights. The nose is dark berries and spice, a little orange zest, and a little chocolate. This is a tasty Red blend, solid fruit, bright acidity, and solid old school structure. It tastes of black cherry, there is a menthol cigarette component (more menthol than tobacco), soft plum, and black pepper spice. The mid-palate shows sharp spice, tart cherry, and dusty tannins. The acidity is bright, it gives some oomph to the flavors, but does not bite. The finish follows the main body of the wine and does last.

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The Summary

  • The Capela Santa Margarida Red 2016 is a tasty, pleasing Red Blend.
  • Since it is from Portugal it isn’t the same old, same old, but it isn’t completely exotic either.
  • A value-price, organic, good tasting Red blend
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