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Our passion revolves around wine, specifically outstanding yet budget-friendly selections. Our mission is to provide you with engaging wine reviews that steer clear of the perplexing 100-point rating system – a puzzle we’re still trying to solve.

Throughout the years, we’ve indulged in copious amounts of wine, honing our preferences along the way. While some of our guests may concur with our tastes, others may diverge, and we welcome your own ratings and comments on our posts. Don’t hold back; wine knowledge is meant to be shared, much like the wine itself.

We’re not sommeliers, nor do we aim to impress anyone. Each wine featured on our site has been personally sampled and objectively reviewed by us. No one influences us to promote a specific wine of the week or to provide favorable appraisals. We don’t profit from this endeavor (though we wish we did) – our motivation solely springs from our unwavering passion for the perfect conduit for alcoholic indulgence.

The Reason Behind "Cheap" in CheapWineFinder

You might wonder why we’ve incorporated “cheap” into our website’s name. It’s not because we endorse low-quality wines, but rather because we recognize the common online shopping practice of adding “cheap” to search queries. At Cheap Wine Finder, our focus is on finding outstanding wines that won’t strain your finances. We’re here to bridge the gap between cost and quality, ensuring that you can enjoy remarkable wines without the hefty price tag. Raise your glass to affordability and flavor; that’s our commitment to you.

Why We Don't Use Ratings

We won’t be using numerical ratings to evaluate wines here. Is a wine with 91 points truly superior to one with 90 points? My wine selection depends on my mood, the time of day, the company, the type of food, and more. How can any of this be distilled into a numerical grade?

However, I must admit that when I’m wandering through the vast aisles of a large liquor store, a tag on a bottle proclaiming a 90-point rating by Parker or Tanzer can be a helpful shopping guide. But when that wine graces the bottom of the glass, the only factors of consequence are how delightful it tastes and how much enjoyment it brings with friends.

So, you have a choice: you can approach wine like an accountant, relying on numerical scores, or you can savor it like a hedonist, relishing the moment. After all, an 88-point wine, enjoyed on a splendid day with dear friends, offers far more enjoyment than sipping a 94-point wine alone in a room filled with tears.

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