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The Winos Behind The Mic

We're all about wine. Awesome yet inexpensive wine. We review it for you, hopefully in the most entertaining way possible. Not using the 100-point scale - yeah, we don't get it either.

We have drank a lot of wine over the years and simply know what we like. Some guests will agree with us and some won't, but please feel free to leave your own ratings and comments to our posts. Let us have it - wine knowledge should be shared, just like the wine itself.

We're not sommeliers or trying to impress anyone. Every wine on this site has been tasted by us and reviewed honestly. No one tells us to "push" a certain wine this week or to give their wine a favorable review . We don't make money doing this (we wish), we're just passionate about the perfect vessel for delivering alcohol.

Want to contribute a wine review? Contact us at reviewers AT CheapWineFinder DOT COM. The more the merrier!

Want us to review your wine? Contact us at samples AT CheapWineFinder DOT COM. If you would like to submit wine for review, please contact us for delivery information, we cannot guarantee that every bottle submitted will be reviewed on the website, but we will make an effort to review all submissions.

Why we don't use ratings

We are not going to use a number to rate the wines. A 91 point wine is exactly how much better than a 90 point wine? I choose a wine to drink based on my mood, what time of day it is, who I'm sharing the wine with, what type of food I'm having, etc. How does any of that transfer into a number grade?

Now, I must say, if I'm in a big box liquor store searching aisle after aisle for a new wine to drink, seeing a tag on a bottle telling me that Parker or Tanzer gave the wine 90 points is a good shopping tool. But, when the wine hits the bottom of the glass, the only thing that matters is how good the wine tastes or how much fun I am going to have with friends.

So, you can drink wine like an accountant and drink by the numbers or you can drink like a Hedonist and drink wine to savor the moment. After all an 88 point wine enjoyed on a glorious day with good friends is a whole lot more enjoyable than drinking a 94 point wine alone in your room while crying!