Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose

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Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose

The Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose is a $4.99 ALDI exclusive, a Sparkling wine made with the Charmat Method. The Charmat Method is the same process used in the making of Prosecco and is often referred to as the Italian Method though it is used all over the wine world.

Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose

The back label says this Bubbly was produced and bottled by Burlwood Cellars, Modesto, California. The Burlwood portion is just a brand name that Aldi uses. The Modesto, California part indicates that there is a good chance E and J Gallo had something to do with the making of this Sparkling Rose’.

Gallo produces Bear Bros. and Mademoiselle wines for Aldi and is skilled at producing bang-for-the-buck inexpensive wines. They have a huge portfolio but Barefoot Bubbly and Andre’s will be similar to Burlwood Cellars. And for five bucks Bubbly, those wines are not too bad.

Is $4.99 for the Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose too cheap for a drinkable Sparkling wine? The answer is probably not. The Charmat Method introduces the bubbles into the wine by transferring the wine after its first fermentation (just like all other wine) into very large pressurized tanks.

Sugar and yeast are added to the tanks and the CO2 that is released by the 2nd fermentation are forced by the pressure back into the wine. This process lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The more expensive the wine the longer the process.

With a 5 dollar Bubbly the second fermentation probably was a few weeks, not a few months. That is a shorter aging period than a comparable still wine. It is quite possible that value-priced Bubbly takes less time to get ready for sale than still wine.

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Aldi and Burlwood do not mention which grapes were used for the Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose. Rose’ is typically red grapes, the color comes from limited contact with the skins, but there are White grapes that are very red.

A Brut Sparkling wine is a dry or not sweet wine. It is often hard to tell just how sweet a Sparkling wine is because the acidity in the wine balances the sweetness.

The Burlwood Cellars Brut Roses a party wine, four bottles of Bubbly for twenty bucks. That will get the party started. But it does have to taste good. It does not have to be complicated or have layers of flavor, but what is in your glass has to be enjoyable. So on to the Tasting portion of the review.

Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose Tasting Notes

The first thing to note is that this Sparkling wine did not have a cage and cork, but a twist-off resealable top. The color is a very pretty Barbie doll pink with a good supply of bubbles. The nose is, well it smells just like Rose’ Bubbly, there is strawberry, faint yeasty bread, a bit of minerality, a little citrus, and a hint of spice.

How does it taste? Better than any $4.99 Bubbly has a right to taste.

It starts with black cherry, there is a slight cherry cough drop feel but not pronounced, dried strawberry, a salty, nutty thing (on lees?), a brush of minerality, enough to give this Sparkling wine a needed tight edge.

The mid-palate adds blood orange and soft plum. The acidity is very well-balanced. The acidity in cheap Bubbles often is out of whack and can bite, but not with the Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose.

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The Summary

  • The Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose is a solid party wine or a Tuesday night watching Netflix wine.
  • I know you usually do not have great expectations for a $4.99 wine, but this Bubbly actually tastes good and has no rough edges or defects that you just have to live within five bucks Bubbly.
  • Short review: The Burlwood Cellars Brut Rose is way better than you thought.
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