Smoke Daddy Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix

bloody_2_1024x1024The Smoke Daddy Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix is the pre-mixed, bottled version of the Bloody Mary’s from Chicago’s (and Wicker Park’s) Smoke Daddy, a BBQ institution since 1994. Smoke Daddy hasn’t been around as long as some of Chicago’s south and west side old school BBQ joints and is more upscale (now, it wasn’t when they started) than some BBQ pits.  But Smoke Daddy’s has lasted 21 years because they are good, real good. Rib tips don’t always get a lot of respect, but after you scarf down a half order of their tips (a full order will slow you down for the rest of the day), you will have new-found admiration. Which bring us to the Smoke Daddy Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix.

The Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix isn’t one of those starter mixes where you need to add your own embellishments to make it interesting, it has everything you need, straight out of the bottle. This isn’t a thin mix, it has some weight to it, and has a satisfying blend of tomato, peppers, spice and horseradish. On first sip it is spicy, smooth, a little smokey, balanced with lots of flavor, but not overpowering. The heat hits you after you take the last sip, the peppers give you a little head-start, but they do catch up. I loved it, usually with pre-mixed cocktails, personality never made into the bottle, they dumb it down to appeal to the widest group of consumers. The Smoke Daddy Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix has loads of personality and solid amount of flavor and heat, that makes pouring a quality Bloody Mary at home, very easy.

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