skinnygirl_sweet'aritaThe Skinnygirl Sweet’arita is made from blue agave silver Tequila, Triple Sec, natural flavors and a dash of agave nectar for sweetness. There are two basic types of Tequila, Blue Agave and Mixto, the Blue Agave is derived 100% from the blue agave plant and Mixto (the label will just say Tequila with no reference to blue agave) is at least 51% blue agave with sugars (usually cane sugar) added in. Silver indicates that this is young Tequila with no barrel aging. There 37.5 calories per 1 1/2 ounce, along with 2.7 grams of carbs. The proof is 19.9, which in wine terms is an alcohol content of 9.95%. List price is $12.99.

The color is an almost clear, cloudy silver. The nose is crisp and clean with almost no alcohol odor. It tastes like a Margarita, all the flavors are there, I was thinking about getting some salt for the rim of the glass. It is a subdued Margarita, if you would order one at a bar it would be 50% Tequila and about 30% Triple Sec, which would greatly increase both the alcohol content and the calories. Reducing the calories and carbs also reduces the boldness of the flavors, but the essence is still in the class. The flavors you enjoy in a good Margarita are still here in the Sweet’arita, just a little toned down. Pour it over crushed ice with salt on the rim and this is a flavorful cocktail that you can enjoy all night, while staying reasonably sober and guilt free. If you are not counting calories and carbs, the Skinnygirl Sweet’arita makes a very serviceable cocktail starter, add a bit more Tequila and some fresh squeezed lime and you will have a no fuss, no muss sweet and sour Margarita. It drinks nicely without any embellishments, there is a nice overall balance  and the flavors taste very natural, which is a welcome surprise for a pre-mixed cocktail. So, enjoy the Sweet’arita straight up and you have a tasty, light Margarita and if you add a few ingredients on your own, you have a fast, easy and potent Margarita.

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this bottle was received as a sample
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