Vodka and Wodka

the VODKA we’re diggin’ lately

Smoke Daddy Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix

The Smoke Daddy Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix is the pre-mixed, bottled version of the Bloody Mary’s from Chicago’s (and Wicker Park’s) Smoke Daddy, a BBQ institution since 1994. Smoke Daddy hasn’t been around as long as some of Chicago’s south and west side old school BBQ joints and is more upscale (now, it wasn’t…

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Skinnygirl Sweet’arita

The Skinnygirl Sweet’arita is made from blue agave silver Tequila, Triple Sec, natural flavors and a dash of agave nectar for sweetness. There are two basic types of Tequila, Blue Agave and Mixto, the Blue Agave is derived 100% from the blue agave plant and Mixto (the label will just say Tequila with no reference…

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Skinnygirl Sparkling Margarita

  The Skinnygirl Sparkling Margarita made with Blue Agave Silver Tequila (when you see Blue Agave on the label that indicates that it is 100% Blue Agave and not mixed with cane sugar and Silver means this is non-aged, young, natural Tequila), along with Triple Sec, flavors, sweeteners and some carbonation. The carbonation feels more like soda or…

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Holiday Cocktail Recipe: The Ultimate White Russian

Holiday entertaining means that you got to step your game up, no more tossing a couple of Bud Lights to your buddies while watching the game or twisting the top on a bottle of Skinny Girl Cocktails before Downton Abbey, that just will not do. Here is the best of the best, never fail, your guests…

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Purīste Premium Vodka

Purīste Premium Vodka, created with the purest water and highest quality wheat from high in the Austrian Alps, was the brainchild of two guys that had great palates – Leo Hillinger and the late Alois “Luis” Kracher Jr., two of Austria‘s most successful winemakers. In the age where premium vodkas are being farted out left…

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