Beer (or Cider) of the hour

Beer of the month, ale, whatever – the brewing we’re diggin’ on lately

New Glarus Brewing Totally Naked

Totally Naked is a world-class lager out of Wisconsin, specifically the quaint town New Glarus – “America’s Little Switzerland”. The beer-making savvy and philosophy of owners Daniel and Deb Carey really shine in this expression of American beer at its best. Adding to its enigma is the fact that it’s only available in the state…

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Rockmill Brewery Witbier

The Rockmill Brewery Witbier is a Belgian style spiced Wheat Ale produced by a small brewery in Lancaster, Ohio (near Columbus, Ohio). One of the owners Matthew Barbee, converted the family farm into a brewery. He had the water tested to see which style of brewing matched its characteristics and found the Lancaster, Ohio water…

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2013 BarrelHouse Brewing Sweet Flanders Red

I think sours will be the next IPA! There I said it. And not a moment too soon (pretty sick of IPAs)! Ever had a sour? It’ll definitely be one of your more memorable firsts. Funky! Some of you will stop after your first or first five, pucker, make a face, and never venture into…

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Lehman’s Orchard Honeycrisp Apple Hard Cider

The Lehman’s Orchard Honeycrisp Apple Hard Cider is a small batch cider sourced from Lehman’s orchard in Niles, Michigan. Family owned and founded in 1929, Lehman’s has grown and sold fruit and harvested honey for decades and began making wines and cider in 2008. The color is almost clear, just slightly golden-yellow. The nose is…

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Bonny Doon Querry Cider 2011

The 2011 Bonny Doon Querry Cider is a blend of 58% Pear, 33% Apple (both sourced in California) and 9% Quince (Oregon). Bonny Doon uses several varieties of pear and apple to get the preferred flavor profile. The Querry Cider undergoes 2 fermentations, so it has a little bit of spritz. The apples and the…

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