Lehman’s Orchard Honeycrisp Apple Hard Cider

lehman'sThe Lehman’s Orchard Honeycrisp Apple Hard Cider is a small batch cider sourced from Lehman’s orchard in Niles, Michigan. Family owned and founded in 1929, Lehman’s has grown and sold fruit and harvested honey for decades and began making wines and cider in 2008.

The color is almost clear, just slightly golden-yellow. The nose is crisp, juicy apple, with a little sour patch kids. This is a dry, delicate cider. Fleshy fruit upfront, a hint of honey and a touch of vanilla. The mid-palate brings tart apple and light spice. The finish is tart and lingers for some time. The alcohol content is 6.8%.

Lehman’s Orchard Honeycrisp Apple Hard Cider is an adult cider, crisp, balanced, fresh and clean tasting, with enough sub-flavors to keep things interesting. Will work very well as a summer refresher, it is dry enough that you can have more than one without getting sugar overkill. And it is hard to beat the fresh, alive flavors and the old-school Michigan vibe.

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