New Glarus Brewing Totally Naked


Totally Naked is a world-class lager out of Wisconsin, specifically the quaint town New Glarus – “America’s Little Switzerland”. The beer-making savvy and philosophy of owners Daniel and Deb Carey really shine in this expression of American beer at its best.

Adding to its enigma is the fact that it’s only available in the state of Wisconsin – and very proudly at that! If you’re ever in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and make the stop at New Glarus. Its picturesque brewery is perched atop a hill overlooking the historic town and rolling countryside. The tour is self-guided so you can grab a beer and wander the facilities and amazing grounds with European-like ruins scattered throughout.

The New Glarus Brewing Totally Naked is a pale straw color with beautiful lacing and aromas of whole grain cracker. A sip gives up a very sparse sweetness that immediately fades into a very clean slight hop and graininess with a beautiful crisp and creamy refreshing finish. Made with Noble hops from Czechia and Germany, it has scant polished bitterness and a slick mouthfeel. At 4.25% ABV, it’s a session beer that you can take to the picnic or your next cookout to drink with pizza or wings. You won’t be able to restrain yourself from telling that certain someone to “get totally naked”!

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