Burlwood Extra-Dry Sparkling Wine (ALDI)

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Burlwood Extra-Dry Sparkling Wine (ALDI)

Burlwood Extra-Dry Sparkling Wine (ALDI)The Story

The Burlwood Extra-Dry Sparkling Wine (ALDI) is a $4.99 non-vintage ALDI exclusive made for them by a winery located in Modesto, California. ALDI does not tell us what grapes are used, at $4.99 there is no money left over for niceties like technical sheets. But an under 5 buck Sparkling wine is probably judged for how it tastes, rather than the combination of grapes used. This is a Bubbly produced with the Charmat Method, which is the production technique used in Prosecco. Champagne-Style Bubbly uses the Traditional Method.

A $4.99 Bubbly may seem to be too inexpensive, but remember stores that sell custom label wine, such as ALDI, Costco, Trader Joe’s, supermarket chains, and national restaurant chains have cost advantages that retail wine shops don’t have. They reduce middleman costs, eliminate advertising expenditures, and since the are buying directly from the producer (usual paying upfront) a lower selling price can be negotiated. A five dollar wine at ALDI would probably sell for several dollars more at a retail shop.

Modesto, California is home to the largest family owned winery in the US and if they actually did make this Bubbly that does not mean that this is a wine that they would ever put their own brand name on. These custom label wines are made in conjunction with the buyers desired wine and price point. So, while you may be a fan of the producers line of wines don’t read to much into them making contract wines. All you can be sure of is their state of the art equipment, knowledge and expertise.

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The Burlwood Bubbly is rated Extra Dry which indicted that this Sparkling wine is slightly on the sweet side. Bubbly made with the Charmat Method can have a solid dose of acidity which will offset perceived sweetness in wine, so do not expect a sweet wine. The alcohol content is a mild 10.5%.

The Tasting Notes

The color is golden yellow and there are plenty of bubbles. The nose is crisp, grapefruit, apple, peach, pear, a little lime, along with lemon cough drops. This is a light, delicate, crisp Bubbly, the acidity does do a good job of balancing the sweetness. It tastes of citrus hard candy, but not the candy sugar sweetness, ripe peach, tart grapefruit, and juicy apple. There isn’t a transition to the mid-palate, the initial flavors motor right along. The flavor profile wants to go to the sweet side but the acidity won’t let it. It seems to have some Moscato grapes in the mix, maybe some Riesling, I getting those types of flavors. The finish is subtle, but the acidity keeps it going for a good while.

The Summary

  • Burlwood Extra-Dry Sparkling Wine (ALDI) tastes better than any $4.99 Bubbly has a right to.
  • The acidity is very good, it keeps the wine together and does not bite when sipping.
  • The Burlwood Extra-Dry Bubbly is a party wine, nobody will complain if you use red plastic cups, fancy crystal flutes are not necessary
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