Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine

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Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine

The Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine is a fruit wine I found at Trader Joe’s for $6.99. Made by Leelanau Cellars of Northern Michigan who have been producing fruit wines since 1974. They produce three versions of Witches Brew, a sweet Red Blend (made from grapes), and spiced apple wine, and this offering.

Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine

There is not too much difference between apple cider and apple wine; both are fermented, the wine tends to use more sugar. I stay away from Holiday wines, the ones with the specific Holiday packaging and label. Most wine will last for a couple of years, so it never made sense to me to sell a good wine for a week or two. The Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine is different; it is one of Leelanau’s core wines.

The Witches Brew is a Halloween wine, but it is also a harvest wine. This is wine made from apples and should taste delicious. It is medium sweet; apple wine does not have the same acidity as grape wine. While the acidity in a grape wine can balance the sugar content, a fruit wine should taste nectar sweet, which is the same sensation as biting into a perfectly ripe apple.

The one tasting note you rarely find in grape wine is the wine tastes like grapes; every other fruit and citrus is name-checked. Apple wine should taste like apple, maybe more like apple pie in the sweeter wines.

The alcohol content is a low 10%, and the Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine can be served either chilled or warm (with a cinnamon stick). This is not one of those wines where you would finish a bottle while watching Netflix, and it is more that everyone gets a glass to enjoy, and I find that less is more with sweet wine.

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The Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine Tasting Notes

The color is amber with a slight pumpkin orange tint. The nose is apple spice, and pumpkin spice would make an excellent potpourri. Fruit wine can be cloyingly sweet, and while this is a wine on the sweet side, it is not overpowering. The prominent flavor is spice apple, not too far from Dutch Apple Pie with pumpkin spice is a secondary flavor and does add a nice counter-point. I am drinking it chilled, but I can see where the Witches Brew Pumpkin Spice Apple Wine makes a tasty hot toddy.

This may not be the best choice for a Halloween Costume Party Bash; it works best after the kids do the Trick or Treating rounds and are hopped up on a sugar buzz. The parents want something in the Halloween holiday spirit that tastes good but is mild on alcohol.

The Summary

  • Don’t fear fruit wine, Leelanau has been making fruit wine since 1974 and know what they are doing.
  • This wine has a family friendly Halloween label and is an adult family member friendly wine.
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