Aldi’s California Heritage Pinot Noir

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Aldi's California Heritage Pinot Noir

The Aldi’s California Heritage Pinot Noir is a $4.95 non-vintage wine sourced, at least for now, from California’s Central Coast AVA.

Aldi's California Heritage Pinot Noir

This brand is produced by International Wine Merchants who make Burlwood and Moiselle wines for Aldi. They are a division of E & J Gallo make Winking Owl and Hwy 5 Aldi wines. All these brands are under five dollars.

The California Heritage line of wines includes a Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and a Sparkling wine.

These are probably non-vintage wines to keep the price low. They can source grapes from where they can get the best deal and they do not have to change the label each year.

E & J Gallo is a huge wine company and has vast vineyard holdings. I typically am skeptical of non-vintage wines, but a $4.95 wine from a company with great grape sourcing may alleviate my concerns. The alcohol content is a mild 12.5%.

The Aldi’s California Heritage Pinot Noir Tasting Notes

The color is a clear, see-through strawberry jelly red. The nose is cherry, herbs, some crushed fall leaves, and a little spice. The Aldi’s California Heritage Pinot Noir is cherry, herbs, dusty spice, and sweet raspberry. This Pinot Noir offered more flavor than I was expecting.

This Pinot Noir tastes like cherry, black pepper, a slap of spice, a shot of herbs, orange zest, and tart cranberry. The mid-palate mirrors the body of the wine.

The tannins are subdued and the acidity does its job well.

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The Summary

  • The Aldi’s California Heritage Pinot Noir, to me, is a major upgrade over the Winking Owl wines, and while this is the first California Heritage wine I have tried has more style than the Hwy 5 wines.
  • It is a wine that will be hard to beat at the $4.95 price tag.
  • You can get better wine for a few dollars more, but this is a contender for the $5 wine KING!
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