Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021

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Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021

The Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021 is a $4.99 Aldi exclusive made by a company from Modesto, California which means some entity of E & J Gallo produced this brand. This is Aldi’s answer to Charles Shaw wine (2 Buck Chuck) from Trader Joe’s.

Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021

Last summer we did a cheap Chardonnay shoot-out, Charles Shaw, Hwy 4, and Lindeman’s Bin 65 and to my surprise 2 Buck Chuck won. We used the 2020 vintage of Hwy 5 Chardonnay, which did not shine in our test.

This time we are looking at the 2021 vintage of Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021, these super inexpensive wines can vary greatly from year to year. If the vineyards were not at their best one year there would be no money in the budget to make changes. Maybe 2021 will show better.

I was at a wine tasting recently talking to a French winemaker. This tasting showcases $25 to $50 wines. I asked the winemaker what the average French family spends on a wine bottle for their meal. He said about $5. The average American would think $10 to $15, but no, cheap wine runs the world. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021 Tasting Notes

The color is a clean, clear, sunshine yellow. The nose shows melon, lemon, peach, pear, and a little spice, not a pretty aroma, but a lot is going on. The Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021 is not complex or deep and the flavor fades quickly. What is there tastes fine, this is a light-bodied wine.

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This Chardonnay tastes like a stew of lemon, tart apple, peach, pear, and a hint of cream. There is no mid-palate, what is upfront stays throughout the whole length. The acidity is mild and does not interfere.

The Summary

  • The Aldi Hwy 5 Chardonnay 2021 is a wine for people who like their wines on the lighter side.
  • This Chardonnay would pair well with simple pasta with white sauce and cold shrimp.
  • This wine is too light for my preferences but would do well in the right situation.
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