Happy : Hour Red Blend 2016

The Happy : Hour Red Blend 2016 was a pleasant surprise!

Ah remember the summer of 2016 when all the kids (and way too many adults) were out everywhere, running into walls because they were staring at their phones playing Pokémon Go? That record-setting app, credited for popularizing AR (augmented reality) technology, made it look like you were collecting & battling creatures right in your real-world surroundings. Companies everywhere took notice – “imagine the possibilities”!

Well, even before that – husband and wife team Kristin & Stephen Jolley started Happy : Hour Wine Company, whose very name makes you smile as you think of after work 2-for-1 drinks & appetizer specials. Notice the colon in the name – makes you think of a digital clock, no? Like it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Don’t drink alone – drink with your three new friends

What does that have to do with kids walking into the street playing Pokémon Go? Well, back to apps (appetizers to phone apps, see what I did there?) – their 3 offerings so far – a Chardonnay, a Rosé, & a red blend come with… wait for it… an app! You pick up a bottle from Whole Foods, Wine.com or a ton of other places, download the “Happy Hour Wine AR” app from Google Play or the App Store, & start drinking with your three new friends!

The app will ask if you’re 21 & if it’s OK to access the camera. That’s OK – that’s how it works. Now – pour yourself a glass, point your mobile device at the label featuring 3 characters straight from the 1950’s & watch it come alive!

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Meet some new wine BFFs

From left to right we have Abigail, George & Maggie. Now Abigail & I hit it off immediately! She has the best jokes & loves wine as much as I do. I love a mature woman that’s easy on the eyes & makes me laugh! Oh, & did I mention the accent? To say that I am partial to Southern Belles would be a huge understatement.

Maggie’s cool too – cute, feisty personality, & she has jokes of her own. We chatted about wine & well, mostly if Abigail was available. I was like “who’s this clown”? Yeah – who invited the Sean Connery-looking dude? George just kinda hangs out with his bad jokes, weird faces, not getting pop culture references & worst of all, wearing a tie at happy hour. I noticed he never has a wine glass in his hand. Dude what are you doing here? Abigail said he’s kinda creepy & that she only invites him to happy hour to try to pawn him off on Maggie. Sounds like a green light for me! Here’s to us Abigail!

I’m obsessed

After our toast, while our glasses are still held up high, I notice the gorgeous crimson plum color in my glass & on her lips. I hold it to my nose & get whiffs of dark fruit – like black raspberries & black cherries. A sip gives up more ripe black cherries & raspberries & notes of vanilla. 10 days of maceration & just the right amount of time in French oak give it a beautiful silky body and finish.

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I have to admit – with so much going on with my new friends, an app, 9 different video “experiences”, cool tech – I thought the wine itself would be so-so. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I absolutely loved this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, & Petit Verdot from La Mancha, Spain. It’s vegan, non-GMO & low-sulfite as well if you’re wary of that stuff. Thanks to the Jolleys for making wine so much fun again, that’s what we’re all about!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for wine & AR. Think about it – you could have the winemaker pop out & tell you all about the wine or what restaurants are nearby with what dishes that would pair with it. Think of the possibilities. Oh – Abigail – add me on SnapChat.


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