Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019

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Trader Joe's Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019

The Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019 is a $9.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive. Most of these Trader Joe’s Reserve wines are one-offs. Wines that disappear after the run sells out, but this wine, Lot 100, has been offered since the 2013 vintage.

Trader Joe's Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019

The back label says this Syrah was produced by Familia Neuva Vineyards, who have been behind many Trader Joe’s wines. They used to have a website and an internet presence, but now seem to be a faux-winery. They are no longer listed in the Paso Robles winery directory.

So while the Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019 wine has been a reoccurring label, the wine inside the bottle may be different each time. Paso Robles is home to many wineries that are members of the Rhone Rangers. While wineries in the North Coast AVA (Sonoma, Napa, etc) tend to emulate Bordeaux and Burgundian style wines, the Central Coast AVA tends to get inspiration from Rhone Valley of Southern France.

The Rhone Valley features Syrah and Grenache-based wines often blended Mourvedre or Carignan. These wine Blends are very different from Bordeaux’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot-based blends. The Central Coasts’ climate works well with grapes.

Syrah in the form of Australian Shiraz was extremely popular ten years ago. When the Shiraz fad wore off Syrah /Shiraz wines also faded away. Syrah still makes excellent wine, it does well as a value-priced wine as well age-worthy expensive bottles.

The Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019 has no production technical details. What we do know is that Paso Robles has many vineyards that produce top-notch Syrah grapes and as a 2019 vintage this wine that a thorough fermentation and aging process. It took from late 2019 to winter of 2022 for this Syrah to find its balance. The alcohol content is an Australian Shiraz-like 15.05%.

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The Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019 Tasting Notes

The color is deep, dark, opaque black cherry red. The nose is extracted blackberry, mint, baking spice, vanilla, and milk chocolate. By the way, this wine had an actual cork, no composite or plastic stopper, but the real deal. I get less than ten real corks in bottles a year, it is interesting and a $10 Trader Joe’s wine has one. The Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019 is a full-bodied wine that engages your palate.

This Syrah tastes like ripe blackberry, black licorice, exotic spice, and plum. The mid-palate brings sweet blueberry, French vanilla, faint bitter dark chocolate, and another flavor of spice. The tannins offer structure but do not enter the flavor profile. The acidity is well-balanced.

The Summary

  • Do we have another Restaurant wine that did not sell because of Covid 19 restrictions?
  • The Trader Joe’s Reserve Paso Robles Syrah 2019 tastes more expensive than $9.99.
  • This is a full-bodied wine with real tannins and excellent flavor, yet is balanced and elegant.

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