Loudenotte Pays D’Oc Pinot Noir 2022

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Loudenotte Pays D'Oc Pinot Noir 2022

The Loudenotte Pays D’Oc Pinot Noir 2022 is a $.6.99 Trader Joe’s wine, it is $12 in places that TJ’s does not cover. D’Oc indicates that this wine is from the Languedoc in France.

This wine has been available at Trader Joe’s for several vintages. Here is a link to the 2018 version.

Loudenotte Pays D'Oc Pinot Noir 2022

The Languedoc is located between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea in southwest France. It is the largest French-growing region and offers affordable wines.

Pays D’Oc (also known as IGP) means this wine represents the region but is not made to the same rules and regulations as DOC wine.

The Loudenotte Pays D’Oc Pinot Noir 2022 is produced by a French winery that makes custom wines.

The label is made to look like a French label, which it is, but the label conforms to US labeling laws. The French writing looks official but says things that a real French label would not say.

For instance “Mis en bouteille avec soin” normally would have wording to indicate if it is an Estate wine or not. Here it says bottled with care. As if they would rather bottle it carelessly. It looks good but is nonsense. The alcohol content is 13% which is a nice respite from all the 14.5% California Pinots we have tried recently.

The Loudenotte Pays D’Oc Pinot Noir 2022 tasting Notes

The color is a clean, clear black cherry red. The nose is ripe red berries, a hint of smoke, a shot of spice, and a floral edge. The Loudenotte Pays D’Oc Pinot Noir 2022 is soft and smooth, with balanced flavors and a sharp spice. counter-balance.

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This Pinot Noir tastes like Black cherry, hard-edged spice, plum, black pepper, and orange zest. The mid-palate follows the main body of the wine but does add dried strawberries and a late slap of blueberry. The acidity is well-controlled and gives this Pinot a decent length.

The Summary

  • The Loudenotte Pays D’Oc Pinot Noir 2022 sells for $6.99 at Trader Joe’s and $12 elsewhere, so it is a bargain.
  • This is a food wine and would work with most comfort foods, it has enough body to stand up to spicey food.
  • A nice change of pace from California Pinot Noir at a great price.
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