Cheapwinefinder Lockdown Virtual Wine Tasting Podcast

CheapWineFinder Podcast
CheapWineFinder Podcast
Cheapwinefinder Lockdown Virtual Wine Tasting Podcast

The Podcast Story

R Collection Sauvignon Blanc Lot 4

We thought we would try our hand at a ZOOM webcam get together that has become one of the main ways to stay in touch in these days of self-isolation. So the Cheapwinefinder Lockdown Virtual Wine Tasting Podcast was born.

The concept was Mike and Dave would each pick up a Sauvignon Blanc to taste test alone together. Mike grabbed the R Collection Sauvignon Lot 4. There are four generations of winemakers working for Raymond Vineyards and Lot 4 means that this is the handwork of the 4th generation.

The grapes came for Lodi and the North Coast and you will have to check out the podcast to hear Mike’s impression of this wine. (He liked it, the bottle was empty by the end of the podcast).

Dave, that’s me, tried to go to the large local Liquor store/Wine shop in the neighborhood. When I got there I saw I line of folks reaching through the parking lot to the street waiting to get in. These days stores limit the number of customers allowed in at any given moment.

Luckily there was an ALDI around the corner with no line and I managed to get an estate farmed and bottled Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough in New Zealand selling for under eight dollars. Again, check the podcast for my impressions.

After we talked about the wine our thoughts turned to these uncertain times and the future of things we once took for granted. We are safe and healthy, so our biggest problem is boredom. But so many more are dealing with serious issues and concerns, both health-wise and financial So many have died in the last 6 weeks, that it is hard to completely comprehend.

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So hopefully you will be amused by our Virtual Tasting and we plan to do more installments. So Cheers and be Safe.

Cheapwinefinder Lockdown Virtual Wine Tasting Podcast

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