8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc

The 8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc is a $5.99 Aldi import exclusive from Spain. It is produced for Aldi by Dcoop S.Coop an extensive farming and ranch coop comprising over 75,000 farms and ranches. They are the largest olive oil and olive producer in Spain, along with producing other food products.

8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc

This is a non-vintage that isn’t sourced from any one growing region in Spain. Typical a non-vintage wine of unknown origin is not a wine that gives you high hopes, but Aldi has an excellent reputation for selling quality value-priced wine in Europe.

8 Plumas translates to 8 feathers it seems Plumas is the base for plumage.

A coop in wine is a group of smaller vineyard owners who do not have sufficient grapes to produce enough wine to be profitable. They band together, find or build a facility, and hire a winemaker. This is common in Europe but is thought to be a step below estate wines since the multitude of small owners can make monitoring quality an issue.

The 8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc is designated a Wine of Spain rather than a wine region probably because the grapes came from vineyards in several regions of Spain.

Sauvignon Blanc is not a typical wine from Spain which makes this bottling interesting since you do not find many in the stores. The alcohol content is a mild 12%.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the easier wines to make, if the grapes are properly grown the winemaking techniques are simple and reliable.

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The 8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Notes

The color is almost clear there is just a hint of yellow. The nose is pretty, there is candy spice, ripe apples, honey, citrus, and a spring bouquet. The 8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc is a mild Sauv Blanc compared to the wines of New Zealand but does have decent flavor.

This Sauvignon Blanc tastes like apple, lemon, a little spice, melon, and pear. The body is too light to be a food wine, but when chilled can be a summer cooler on a hot summer day.

The acidity is light and stays out of the way.

The Summary

  • The 8 Plumas Sauvignon Blanc isn’t the best value-priced at Aldi, but does have a place.
  • A little too light-bodied to be a contender, but put a good chill on it and this is an excellent all-day summer sipper.
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