Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay

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Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay

The Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay is a non-vintage $4.95 Aldi wine exclusive made for them by a division of E & J Gallo the largest family-owned winery in the US.

Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay

Normally a non-vintage, $5 store brand would be a wine to avoid, but I have previously tried the California Heritage Pinot Noir and Brut Bubbly, which were very drinkable.

E & J Gallo is a huge wine company with vast vineyard holdings and scores of labels, they do have the resources to produce value-priced wine.

The back label of the Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay mentions apple, white nectarine, lime vanilla, and wood shavings. This suggests there could be a mix of oaked and unoaked Chardonnay in the bottle.

Tart apple may refer to unoaked Chardonnay and the vanilla, wood shaving and nectarine (stone fruit) could be the result of some sort of oak manipulation and malolactic fermentation.

There seems to be more in terms of wine production than you typically see in five-buck wine. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay Tasting Notes

The color is a pale wheat yellow with gold highlights. The nose is peach and pear, a slap of lime, vanilla, tart apple, coconut milk, and lemon curd. The Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay is a flavorful wine that borders on delicious.

The Aldi California Heritage Chardonnayastes like vanilla, peach, dried pear, green apple, pineapple, stone fruit, and lime. The mid-palate shows a salty sensation and some tropical fruit.

The acidity does its job of letting the flavors unfold.

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The Summary

  • The Aldi California Heritage Chardonnay tastes great. It may not satisfy wine professionals and Burgundian Chardonnay drinkers, but all also should give it a try.
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