Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG

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Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG

The Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG is a $7.99 Trader Joe’s import wine exclusive. The grapes are farmed around the village of Asolo, where the vineyards receive the top DOCG, and Conegliano and Valdobbiadene are the other two. DOCG desiganted regions inside of Prosecco.

Most of the vineyards in Prosecco are rated DOC, with the 3 hilly regions near the center of Prosecco getting the higher designation. The DOCG areas have stricter rules and regulations in the vineyard and during production, and the “G” stands for guaranteed. The DOCG bottles are individually numbered, and they guarantee the quality of the wine, not that you will like the Sparkling wine.

The Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG is an Extra Dry Bubbly, meaning it is on the sweet side. About 2/3s of Prosecco is Extra Dry with Brut or Dry the next most popular. The Glera grape used in Prosecco has high acidity, and sugar and acid in wine cancel each other out. If the wine is a little acidic, then a little sugar will give the Bubbly balance.

The Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG is a $7.99 wine farmed and produced to the highest standards for non-vintage Prosecco. When sipping, I can not tell the difference between a DOC and DOCG Prosecco. The DOC standards may be a little lower than DOCG wines, but DOC Prosecco houses can produce their Bubbly beyond the regulations. The best Prosecco houses do not need the rules and regulations to produce Prosecco to the highest standards.

The Asolo DOCG received its designation in 2009. It is a steep, hilly region in the foothills of the Alps. The Glera grapes grow best on sun-facing slopes with plenty of drainages, and Asolo provides those conditions. Prosecco receives its second fermentation in huge pressurized steel vats; Villa Antica does not specify the length of the process. Still, it typically ranges from several weeks to a couple of months. The alcohol content is 11%.

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The Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG Tasting Notes

The color is a mix of silver and gold. The nose is melon, apple, pear, grapefruit, peach, stone fruit, and a floral edge. The Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG is crisp and bright, with balanced flavors. The acidity and the sugar content combine to give this Bubbly excellent fruit and citrus flavors.

This Bubbly tastes like grapefruit, followed by a stew of peach, lime, green apple, and ripe pear. The mid-palate adds that salty/nutty “on lees” sensation, unsweetened pineapple, and guava. The flavors are well balanced and subdued, but there is a lot of flavor on display.

The Summary

  • The Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG is an excellent Prosecco at an excellent price.
  • It is very well-made and full of balanced flavor and as a DOCG wine it is farmed and produced to the highest standards. You are just not paying the highest prices.
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