Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022

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Trader Joe's Roseta Rosé 2022

The Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022 is a $5.99 Rosé wine from Portugal. The back label lists a bottler, Goavni Bottling, a Portuguese custom wine producer. The flask-style bottle is very reminiscent of the bottle used for Matuse Rosé, a brand of Rosé wine that has been around for 70 years.

Trader Joe's Roseta Rosé 2022

Matuse Rosé was probably most Americans of a certain age’s first experience with Rosé wine. It is also many folks’ first Portuguese wine. In the ’60s, 70’s, and part of the ’80s is when Matuse Rosé had its glory days. It is still available today and I think it may be better than it ever was.

The Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022 isn’t Matuse, more of “in the style of'” wine. Portuguese wines typically use indigenous grapes or if the grape is also grown elsewhere they use the local name, not the internationally known name for the grape.

They do not list the grape or grapes used with Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022, but we probably would not recognize them anyway. No production notes are available, and I could not find anything on the internet concerning this Rosé. Usually, Trader Joe’s has enough reach that there is some information available, but this is a mystery wine. The alcohol content is 11%.

The Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is on the amber side of pink. The nose is strawberry, soft spice, melon, hard cherry candy (not sweet), and lightly floral. The Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022 has firm fresh flavors with a hint of sweetness.

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This Rosé tastes like raspberry jam (again not sweet), a soft spice that has a little edge to it, mild lemon, an almost creamy sensation, a little tangerine, and dried strawberry. This is not a complex Rosé where I am discussing the mid-palate and the extended finish, what you get upfront is all you get. But I am ok with that, this is an enjoyable Rosé.

The Summary

  • The Trader Joe’s Roseta Rosé 2022 is a fun, well-priced ($5.99) summer wine.
  • It does exactly what it is trying to do, which is to be an affordable easy-to-drink Rosé that is worth drinking.
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