Tarantas Organic Rose’ 2016

The Tarantas Organic Rose’ 2016 is made from the Bobal grape grown in Estate vineyards in the Utiel-Requena DO inside the Valencia Provence of eastern Spain. The Tarantas brand is produced by Bodegas Iranzo who have made exclusively organic wines since 1994 and there have been vineyards on this site since at least 1335. Bobal is the 3rd most planted grape in Spain (Tempranillo (Red) and Airen (White) are the other 2) and the majority of those vines are planted in Utiel- Requena. For years the Bobal grape was used for bulk wine, it was the everyday jug wine of Spain. If you had red wine with lunch and dinner, you were not buying $40 bottles (well most weren’t), you bought inexpensive Bobal and it did the trick. In the last few years, Utiel-Requena growers have made efforts to upgrade Bobal to a more modern world-friendly style of wine. The Tarantas Organic Rose’ 2016 is certified organic, Vegan-friendly and contains no GMO’s. The alcohol content is a reasonable 12%.

The color is a pale watermelon red with an amber tint. The nose jumps out of the glass, the aromas hit you from 3 feet away, there is a light floral scent, with ripe cherry, and strawberry, followed by a whiff of candy spice. The Tarantas is a dry Rose’ with solid acidity and structure. It tastes of a mix of ripe red berries, with a light touch of black pepper, and plum. The mid-palate adds a creamy texture and tart, slightly sour cherry. The acidity gives this Rose’ some decent length, the flavors seem to roll on for awhile. The finish is full and lingers for some time.

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The Tarantas Organic Rose’ 2016 is a bright, clean, and tasty Rose’. It seems to have a sturdier structure than most Rose’ in the price range which allows them to tone the acidity down a little, which is a consideration if you are looking for a Rose’ to sip and not as a food pairing (though it does just fine with the meal). Certified organic, vegan-friendly, delicious, and value priced is a pretty potent combination.


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