Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020

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Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020

The Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020 is a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle, and Tibouren grapes sourced from various vineyards in the French Riviera in the south of France. The French Riviera includes the Cote d’Azur and the well-known Cotes d Provence wine regions.

Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own Miraval; even after the divorce, they still have the winery in common. The Studio name comes from a previous winery owner who built a recording studio on the estate used by several high-profile bands. However, I do not know how anyone would manage to accomplish anything on a wine estate in the south of France.

The original Miraval Rosé was an estate wine located in Provence that sold for over double the price of the Studio Miraval. It was an AOC-designated wine while the Studio is IGP, so there are reasons for the Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020 more modest price tag.

Luckily for us wine drinkers, a cool and breezy Rosé from the south of France does not need to be fancy and expensive. A well-made Rosé with grapes from carefully chosen vineyards can be inexpensive and excellent.

Several methods are used to produce Rosé; the 2 main procedures are Saignée and Direct Press, the Studio Miraval uses Direct Press; here is a link to explain the differences. The Cinsault and the Tibouren (a local grape with a history that dates back to ancient Greece) are fermented and aged in stainless steel vats. The Grenache and the Rolle (the same grape as the Italian Vermentino grape) were fermented and aged in tulip-shaped concrete vats with rounded bottoms.

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Concrete vats are used since they are thick enough to insulate the wine from temperature and humidity changes. The tulip shape and the rounded bottom of the vat allow the “on lees” (dead yeast and grape residue) to stay suspended in the wine, which accentuates the effects of “on lees.” Which gives the wine a creamy texture and a salty, nutty sensation.

Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020 Tasting Notes

The color is pale pink with an amber glow. The nose is strawberry, lemon, cherry, candy spice, ripe apple, and spring flowers—the Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020 a sleek, smooth Rosé with subtle, tasty flavors.

It tastes of pink lemonade, tart cherry; it has that salty, nutty “on lees” thing, hard cherry candy (not sweet), orange zest. The mid-palate subtle flavors of minerality, red licorice (again not sweet), and a late hit of tangerine. The acidity is excellent; it almost acts as one of the flavors. It gives this Rosé great length and imparts the desire to take the next sip.

The Summary

  • The Studio By Miraval Rosé 2020 is maybe my new favorite Rosé.
  • I am only half a glass into the drinking experience, but so far, so good.
  • This may not be an AOC wine from a fancy wine region, more of a taste of the south of France. But a talented winemaker does not need fancy grapes to make excellent wine.
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