Renwood Chardonnay 2009

renwoodchard1The 2009 Renwood Chardonnay is an orphan wine. Renwood, founded in 1993, went bankrupt in 2011, its assets were sold off and there is a new Renwood Winery that is not affiliated with the old Renwood. The new Renwood focuses on Zinfandel, they control some of the oldest vines in California, and do not have a Chardonnay in their current line-up. So, the 2009 Renwood Chardonnay, which sold for $17 to $20 at one time, is currently being offered at closeout prices, I found it for $7.99. As an orphan wine, there is not a great deal of information available about this vintage. It seems to be blended with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio and was aged in oak barrels for a time. The alcohol content is 13%

The color is a golden wheat yellow. The nose is pretty, spiced apple, pineapple, orange SweeTarts and creamy vanilla. This is a medium to full bodied Chardonnay with a nice balance of mellow fruit flavors and tart citrus. It tastes off with canned Del Monte pears in heavy syrup, lemon/lime, dried apricot and apple. The mid palate offers grapefruit half sprinkled lightly with sugar, melon, a touch of butter and a slap of tart orange. The acidity is fairly mild and the finish starts off strong but quickly fades, but does not completely go away.

If you see the 2009 Renwood Chardonnay on the shelves and the price is right, take a chance on a bottle or two. The oak influence is very mild and the flavors are fairly complex and interesting. At $20, this Chardonnay does not distance itself from most $12 Chards, but at $7 or 8 bucks it is a bargain.

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