Q Sonoma County Syrah

qsyrah The Q Sonoma County Syrah is a private brand wine for the Albertson’s Supermarket chain,(Jewel/Osco, Cub Foods, Lucky, Shaw’s and Farm Fresh), sourced from multiple vineyards in Sonoma County, California and produced by Sonoma Wine Company, a custom and private label wine producer. The Q wine project is an effort to bring AVA specific wines onto supermarket shelves at affordable prices, usually around $12. Sometimes the term “supermarket wine” is used in a derogatory fashion, but the Q Wines are actual supermarket wines. The alcohol content is 13.5%.  The 2010 vintage was a Wine Enthusiast Best Buy

Note: This is the 2007 vintage, it looks like they were clearing out the back corners of the warehouse and I wasn’t paying attention. Rather than take the wine back, I decided to go with it, because a decent Sonoma Syrah should have no problem lasting 5 years. A Jewel/Osco warehouse probably isn’t the optimal place to cellar wine, but a Syrah with a little age to it might be interesting.

The color is seriously dark, opaque black cherry red with a strawberry halo. The nose is dark and syrupy, blackberry, oaky vanilla, bacon fat, plum and menthol. It starts with cassis and licorice, there is still a lot of fruit left, blueberries in cream and rich chocolate. The mid palate adds some tart cherry and smooth vanilla. Not a layered wine with tons of depth, but there is a satisfying stew of flavors. The tannins are soft and the oak has been well integrated. There is decent, balanced acidity, this wine would pair well with pot roast or stew. The finish is subdued, but softly lingers a while.

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I don’t know if I would recommend laying down a bottle or 2 of the Q Sonoma County Syrah, but you could. It was made to be a ‘drink it now” wine, but still has a couple more years of life left after 5 years in the bottle. So, the Q Sonoma County Syrah is well made enough to do what it was never really intended to so and that bodes well for the newer vintages.

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