Pizzolato Fields Organic Brut Prosecco

The Pizzolato Fields Organic Brut Prosecco is sourced from Glera grapes grown in certified organic Estate vineyards in the Prosecco DOC region of Veneto in northeast Italy. This Bubbly is organic, Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and reasonably priced (a quick check of the web saw prices mainly in the $10 range).  Prosecco is produced with the Charmat Method, this is where the fermented juice is transferred to large pressurized vats (autoclave) for the second fermentation (this is where the bubbles occur). Here the 2nd fermentation lasts 30 days, then is bottled and released. With the Traditional Method (Champagne from France or Cava from Spain, among others) the second fermentation lasts a year or more. The different production method gives Prosecco a bright, clean, crisp, fresh citrus flavors, with little of the yeasty, bready characteristics of Champagne. It is less intense than Bubbly made in the Traditional method and does not have the depth that Bubbly picks up from the longer fermentation and aging process. Is one method better than the other? Let your taste buds decide, as for me, I think they both are awesome. This is a Brut Prosecco which indicates it is not sweet, with Bubbly the sweetness terms are backward with “dry” meaning slightly sweet. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is a pale golden-yellow, with teeny, tiny energetic bubbles. The nose is slightly floral, with fresh limes, lemon, a hint of spice and Bosc pear. This is a crisp, but balanced Prosecco with as many fruit flavors as citrus. It tastes of peach mixed with lime, lemon custard pie, pear and a little 7-Up (not sweet). The acidity is really well-balanced, some Prosecco can be “acid bombs” and need to be paired with food to find its balance. The Pizzolato Hills is a very enjoyable sipper. The finish is slightly nutty and lingers on and on.

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The Pizzolato Fields Organic Brut Prosecco is a delicious Bubbly. Even if all you’re doing is binge watching Netflix in your underwear while having a glass or 2 of Prosecco, you feel like Nick and Nora from the Thin Man solving some Manhattan murder mystery. Bubbles have a way of classing everything up. As for pairings, it will do very nicely with hors d’oeuvres, but I am quite content to drink this one on its own.


this bottle was received as a sample
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