Pinot Evil

29283The Pinot Evil is a non vintage Pinot Noir produced by the Underdog Wine & Spirits, the makers of Cupcake, Big House, flipflop, Fisheye and many other brands of reasonably priced wine. With this particular bottle, the grapes are sourced from France (check your bottle, other Pinot Evil bottles and boxes in the past, are sourced from grapes grown in Hungary or Romania). The label says Vin de Pays de l’Île de Beauté  which translates to “Country wine from the Isle of Beauty” or Corsica. Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean, best known as the birth place of Napoleon. In France, the grape growing regions are controlled by the AOC, which provide rules and regulations for all aspects of grape growing and winemaking. If a wine does not meet the AOC standards or is grown outside of the prescribed growing areas, the wine is down graded to a Vin de Pays wine. This is a mass produced Pinot Noir, non vintage with the grapes sourced from 3 different countries and the wine comes in a bottle or box. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is burgundy red, crystal clear with black cherry highlights. The nose is cherry, chocolate mints and a slight grassy aroma. This is not a complicated Pinot Noir, not that I was expecting it to be (picked it up on sale for $2.99). The mouth feel is reasonably silky and the flavors are strawberries in cream and ripe black cherry. The tannins are slightly dusty, adding a nice texture to the wine. There is a subtle mid palate transition to some tart POM wonderful, but after that the wine starts to turn watery, washing away any finish.

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The Pinot Evil is a light, silky, easy to drink red wine, that just happens to be labeled a Pinot Noir. If you are looking for a textbook Pinot Noir you will be disappointed. If you are looking for an inexpensive, smooth, soft Red wine, with no off flavors then you will be happy.


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