Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019

The Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019 is a $4.99 Trader Joe’s import exclusive, sourced from vineyards in the La Mancha D.O. of central Spain. LaMancha is the largest wine-producing region in Spain and one of the largest in the world.

Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019

Crianza is a Spanish wine designation, these wines must have two years of age with a minimum of six months in oak barrels. Tempranillo is the main Red grape of Spain, it is usually associated with Rioja wine, but is found all over Spain.

La Mancha is well known for producing good quality value-priced wine. When Robert Parker was the leading wine reviewer you could always count on a good number of under $12 wines in the Spanish wine department of your local wine shop receiving 90+ points.

This is a D.O. indicating that Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019 conformed to all the rules and regulations of the region. Plus receiving 2 years of aging and still selling for only $4.99, including shipping from Spain to your local TJ’s.

This is the type of wine that locals in Spain drink on a daily basis. Sometimes the locals have odd preferences, but cheap Spanish wine is usually an excellent bargain. The alcohol content is 13%.

The Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019 Tasting Notes

The color is a dark inky almost black wine with a bit of red shining thru. The nose is black cherry, with plums, dark chocolate, spice, strawberry, blueberry, and lightly floral. The Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019 is a smooth wine, with subtle flavors and decent length.

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This Tempranillo tastes of black cherry, black pepper, a soft slap of spice, and dusty chocolate powder. The mid-palate adds sour cherry, chewy tannins, and watery blueberry.

The Summary

  • The Paton Clemente Tempranillo Crianza 2019 is a solid 5-buck Tempranillo. There are under $15 Tempranillo wines from Rioja that I love and prefer, but this is a bargain at $4.99.
  • I would pair this wine with food, the Spanish cheese sampler from Trader Joe’s would do well.
  • Any $4.99 wine that is worthy to be served with food is a bargain.
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