Reginato Sparkling Malbec Rose’

ReginatoRoseMalbecSmallThe Reginato Sparkling Malbec Rose’ is a non-vintage  Sparkling wine (100% Malbec) sourced from estate vineyards in the San Carlos district of the Mendoza Province of Argentina. The Reginato family grows and harvest  the grapes, ferment the base wine and complete the 2nd fermentation all at their own estate. This Bubbly is made with the Charmat Method, which is the same process used in the production of Prosecco and Spumante. There are 2 main methods for adding bubbles to wine, Charmat and the Traditional Method (used in Champagne and Cava), they are 2 very different techniques for creating Sparkling wine. It would be worth your time, if you’re at all interested in Bubbly, to Google both methods and learn a little about how they are made. The Reginato Sparkling Malbec Rose’ is an estate produced Bubbly that lists for $16. The alcohol content 12.7%

The color is halfway between copper and pink. The nose is husky, melon, pear and apple. The mouth-feel is soft and creamy. It tastes of ripe strawberry, lemon/lime and tart cherry. It has a solid dose of acidity that gives length to the flavors. There is a nice sweet and sour, yin/yang to the flavors (this is a dry Bubbly) that give this Sparkling wine a little bit of personality. The finish is full and long.

Question: What is better than a nice chilled Rose’ on a warm summer evening? Answer: A nice chilled Rose’ with Bubbles. Bubbles turn any wine into a party, even if it’s a party of one. The Reginato Sparkling Malbec Rose’ is a very tasty and reasonably affordable for a boutique Sparkling wine. This is not one of those mass-produced wines you usually see in this price range. Not that mass-produce Bubbly is bad, Moet Chandon makes 10’s of millions of bottles per year and I don’t hear anyone complaining about drinking it. But sometimes it is good to drink a family owned, estate grown and produced, very individualistic Sparkling wine that sells for half the price of the least expensive Champagne.

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