parxetThe Parxet Cuvée 21 Cava Brut is 33% Macabeo, 33% Parellada and 33% Pansa Blanca (a cousin and similar to the Xarello grape traditionally used in Cava) grapes grown in certified organic vineyards near the town of Alella, just outside Barcelona, Spain. The Parxet winery was built in 1920 and the parent company had been making wine wince the 1700s. The Parxet Cava is produced with the Traditional Method, indicating that the 2nd fermentation (this is where the bubbles are produced) occurs in the bottle. This Bubbly was aged “on lees” (with the dead yeast residue still in the bottle, it imparts a bready and slightly nutty flavor) for 12 months. This is a Brut Sparkling wine which means it is Dry or not sweet and the alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is chiffon yellow with a slight olive green tint and a flurry of tiny, energetic bubbles. The nose is (remember do not swirl Bubbly, it releases the bubbles) seductive, spiced apple, lime, buttered bread, grapefruit and magnolia. The Parxet is dry and with a bit of heft to the flavors. It starts with green apple, lemon/lime, cashew, Bosc pear and a gentle brush of minerality. The mid-palate shows a touch of bakery bread and melon. The acidity gives this Cava a bright, refreshing character. The finish is long and flavorful.

The Parxet Cuvée 21 Cava Brut is one of those Sparkling wines that are dangerous to drink because they go down so easy. Your glass will be empty before you know it and of course you must have a refill. The Parxet is everything you want in a Bubbly, it looks good in the glass, the nose is enticing and it tastes real good. According to Sparkling wine marketing, Champagne is the Mercedes Benz, BMW and Cadillac of Bubbly all rolled up into one and all the other Sparkling wines are Honda at best. I like champagne, I like it a lot, but I still say “Don’t believe the hype”. If you got a bottle of Bubbles that is well made, classy and tastes delicious and does not cost a small fortune, then you got yourself a damn good bottle of Bubbly. If you really need to spend more for Bubbly to make yourself feel good, then tip the cashier a twenty.

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