Oyster Bay Rosé 2022

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Oyster Bay Rosé 2022

The Oyster Bay Rosé 2022 is made from Pinot Noir grapes from grapes farmed in the Wairau Valley of the Marlborough region on the South Island of New Zealand. This is a wine found on sale in Chicago for $10.99 while the average price on the internet is $14.

Oyster Bay Rosé 2022

When New Zealand wine first broke onto the wine scene both Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir were highlights. Over time the Sauvignon Blanc wines became dominant, but the NZ Pinot Noir wines are well worth seeking out.

The Oyster Bay Rosé 2022 is sustainably farmed and is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. Oyster Bay carefully choose the Pinot Noir grape clones that were used. Clones are important to Pinot Noir wines, certain clone varietals work well together. Most value-priced Pinot Noir wines hardly mention clone selection, but it is one of the main topics of high-end Pinot Noir wines.

This Rosé was aged “on-lees” without stirring or battonage. When the lees are stirred the wine can take on a creamy texture, but no stirring here. The Oyster Bay Rosé 2022 did not undergo malolactic fermentation which is a process that changes the natural tart acid in the grapes to a more rounded acid. Malolactic fermentation almost always occurs in red wine, sometimes in Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. With Rosé wines it is the winemaker’s decision.

This is a young wine that is not meant to be aged always check the vintage when buying, the newest vintage is probably a better choice. The alcohol content is 13%.

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The Oyster Bay Rosé 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is on the orange/amber side of pink. The nose is red berries, lemon, and flowers, with a touch of interesting spice. The Oyster Bay Rosé 2022 is a subtle, yet tasty Rosé, very balanced with excellent acidity.

This Rosé tastes like cherry hard candy (but not sweet), apples, pink lemonade, and a soft slap of spice. The mid-palate mirrors the main body of the wine but adds tart stone fruit and peach. The acidity does its job very well.

The Summary

  • The Oyster Bay Rosé 2022 is an excellent summer sipper.
  • This is a Rosé with both subtlety and smooth, rich flavor.
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