NV Sangue di Giuda (Blood of Judas)

sangue-di-giuda front labelYeah don’t kiss me, Judas! Found the perfect 90 degree day porch drinker just in time for Easter – Sangue di Giuda! Literally “Blood of Judas” (there’s your Easter tie-in, cuz we’re talking the 13th apostle, not the band) is a pleasantly sweet, smooth and slightly rough around the edges frizzante (meaning lightly sparkling) wine made with Barbera, Croatina (“little Croatian girl”), Uva Rara (“rare grape”), Ughetta (Vespolina) and Pinot Noir in the Oltrepo Pavese area of Italy’s Lombardy wine region.

Legend has it that the name was given by local friars who disapproved of its stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities. I know, that’s ALL wine!

So what’s Blood Of Judas smell like? Well, the nose is delicate yet straight-up-fruit-in-your-face.

What’s the Blood taste like? Sip the blood baby, and you get intense raspberry all over the place and just a hint – just the idea – that bubbles are there. And at 8.5%, you can drink it all afternoon and barely get a buzz!

Drink it with your Easter candy, cake or gelato. Drink it with a Polish girl (tell her it’s like Lambrusco, they love that). Drink it while listening to Judas Priest, the true defenders of the faith.

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