Cheapwinefinder Easter Wine Pairing Basic Guide

Cheapwinefinder Easter Wine Pairing Basic Guide. This is going to be an entry-level wine pairing guide, no matching the herbs and spices used to the secondary flavors of the wine, just the basics. And this is a pairing for some sort of baked ham, along with side dishes that are not overly spicy or exotic….

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NV Sangue di Giuda (Blood of Judas)

Yeah don’t kiss me, Judas! Found the perfect 90 degree day porch drinker just in time for Easter – Sangue di Giuda! Literally “Blood of Judas” (there’s your Easter tie-in, cuz we’re talking the 13th apostle, not the band) is a pleasantly sweet, smooth and slightly rough around the edges frizzante (meaning lightly sparkling) wine…

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