Mavam Gold Fushion Vulcano 2014

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Mavam Gold Fushion Vulcano 2014


The Mavam Gold Fushion Vulcano 2014 is a Sparkling wine using the Macabeo grape (one of the 3 grapes traditionally used in the production of Cava Sparkling wines) and is produced by Bodegas Vidal Del Saz in the La Mancha DO of central Spain. There are 3 varieties, Gold Fushion, which is pink/orange in color, Glacier, cream colored and Fortune, which is yellow/gold. These Sparkling wines have a mild fizz and are only 5.5% alcohol. Each one is flavored with different fruit juices and while they can be sipped straight up, are probably best put to use as part of a wine cocktail. The nose is oranges and grapefruit. This Sparkling wine is on the sweet side, nothing too cloying and is crisp and fairly simple. It tastes of orange, lemon and a little melon. On their own, the Mavam Sparkling wines are OK, but nothing too exciting, but then comes the party trick. Turn the bottle upside down (for full effect) or swirl the glass and the Mavam Gold Fushion Vulcano turns into the Lava Lamp of wine. Gas inside the bottle triggers a highly active swirling effect that creates a storm of colors inside the bottle. When swirling the wine in your glass, you produce the wine version of a snow globe with a shiny particles floating in the wine. It is something to see and would be a showstopper at a party or a cocktail lounge. Don’t run out to your local shop to buy it just yet, Bodegas Vidal Del Saz is still putting together US distribution.

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  1. Arthur R. Miller says:

    Can gold fusion mavam volcano be ordered by mail?

  2. Cory Baehr says:

    Available in the U.S. from Mediterraneo Taste.cor

  3. Jenny says:

    Hello, I would like to order we live in the United States.

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