Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling Wine

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Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling Wine

ALDI Maison De Joie Brut BubblyThe Story

The Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling Wine is a non-vintage $11.49 ALDI wine produced in New Mexico from mostly New Mexico vineyards, but also grapes from California and Washington. The name translates to “House of Joy“. The label says American Sparkling wine because grapes come from more than one State. Before you say, “New Mexico Bubbly, what’s up with that?”. Remember that one of the very best Sparkling Wine producers in the country is headquartered in Albuquerque. Gruet has produced Bubbly in New Mexico since the early 80s and has owned a winery in Champagne, France since the early 50s. It just so happens that the high-elevation vineyards are an ideal place to grow Champagne-style grapes.

This Sparkling wine is produced with the Traditional Method, the wine is fermented twice. The 1st time occurs pretty much the same way as still wine (the regular, non-Bubbly wine), but the 2nd fermentation happens inside each and every bottle. The wine is bottled, but not filled all the way up, they need to leave a little room, then a measured amount of yeast and sugar is added to each bottle. And then the magic happens and the bubbles appear, actually, it’s science, the CO2 released from fermentation is released, but since it is captured in the bottle is incorporated into the wine over time, forming the bubbles. The individual bottles are slightly rotated on a regular basis so the dead yeast doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle. On a side note, this is where the yeasty, bread flavors and aromas come from. After many months and sometimes several years the dead yeast is removed and the dosage is added to each bottle. The dosage can be sugar and additional wine, this tops the bottle off and can bring the Bubbly up to the desired sweetness level. And this inexpensive ALDI Bubbly is produced by a winery that knows how to make Champagne and Champagne-style wines. Often value priced Bubbles are made by folks who are not known for their Sparkling Wine, that doesn’t mean their efforts are not up to par, it is just better to sometimes leave it to the professionals. The alcohol content is a proper 12%.

The Tasting Notes

The color is golden yellow, with tons of teeny-tiny energetic bubbles. The nose is subtle, lemon, melon, apple, brioche, a little peach, some pear, and lightly floral. The Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling Wine is a crisp, clean Sparkling wine, with solid balanced acidity. It starts with non-sweet lemon/lime, green apple, and grapefruit. The mid-palate adds peach and pear, a hit of gentle spice, a salty, nutty sensation, and a light yeasty/bready flavor. The acidity is perfectly suited for sipping and as for pairing Bubbly goes with almost everything (within reason). The finish is delicate and lengthy. 

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The Summary

  • The Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling Wine is a legit Traditional Method Champagne-style Bubbly. And it sells for $11.49.
  • The flavors are light, crisp, and delicate, but it is fruit-forward and tasty. The yeasty, bready flavors are subdued.
  • I doubt that this is a Gruet Sparkling Wine that is simply relabeled but is most likely a whole new wine created especially for ALDI.
  • At this price, there is no reason not to have a fine Bubbly on your wine rotation. The Maison de Joie Brut is highly affordable and highly recommended.
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