Les Hauts des Lagarde Rouge Bordeaux 2011

leshautsdeslagarderouge2011The 2011 Les Hauts des Lagarde Rouge Bordeaux is a blend of 65% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and  10% Cabernet Franc sourced from a certified organic Estate vineyard near the town of Saint Laurent du Bois in the Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux in France. This wine is also Vegan friendly, you would think all wine is Vegan approved since it is produced from grapes, but traditionally, animal by-products have been used to filter the wine. Vegan friendly wines use minerals, not animal by-products to do the filtering. This wine lists for $11.99, which is pretty good for an Estate grown, certified organic Bordeaux Red blend. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is scarlet red with black highlights. The nose is ripe plums and dark berries, along with cassis and a little smoke. This is a lean, balanced wine, more of a French wine, than a wine made in the New World style for American drinkers. It tastes of blackberry (but not ripe and rich), tart cranberry, dusty cocoa powder and a firm brush of tannins. Many modern wines try to hide the tannins, but here they are part of the flavor profile. The mid palate brings along a little sweet raspberry, orange zest and a late blast of blueberry. This is a food wine, it drinks fine alone, but will really hit its balance when paired with a stew or a roast. The finish is subtle, but does linger. 

The 2011 Les Hauts des Lagarde Bordeaux Rouge is the perfect bottle for a BYOB, it is organic and is an Estate grown Bordeaux Blend, nobody needs to know you only paid $11.99. The folks drinking their Yellowtail at the next table are going to think you are a high-roller. The tannins give this blend a bit of a dry sensation when you drink it on its own, but those tannins will do an excellent job of cleansing your palate when you add food and the dry sensation will disappear. Organic, Vegan Friendly, Estate Grown, food friendly, Bordeaux blend, 12 bucks, what more can I say.

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this bottle was received as a sample
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