2009 Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir

The 2009 Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir is sourced from vineyards in more than one California grape growing AVA. Vampire Vineyards is an actual Winery the label indicated they produced and bottled this wine, which legally means they crushed, fermented, aged and bottled at least 75% of this Pinot.  Their website has tons of information on Vampires, but only a paragraph or two on the making of each wine. In keeping with the whole motif even the synthetic cork is blood red in color. Previous vintages of the Vampire Pinot Noir seem to have been vin de pays wines from France, so earlier vintages will taste substantially different from the 2009. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is a combination of rust and cherry jelly. The nose is crushed autumn leaves, mushrooms, herbs, cigar smoke and plums, a pretty good Pinot nose for a $9 wine. A light bodied pinot, with subtle flavors, tart cherry, a little cola, a touch of leather, a little tobacco. The mid-palate adds some creamy vanilla, strawberry jam and a hint of curry spice. All of the flavors are muted and there is decent length to this Pinot. The acidity shows up in the finish and helps the strawberry and spice linger for a very respectable time.

The Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir  goes well beyond novelty wine, it is a solid little Pinot. It is very light bodied and in a party setting its strengths might be overlooked, you have to think about what is in your glass to discover all of the textures and flavors. This Pinot just might pair better with your Thanksgiving meal and than at your costume party. Just the same, the Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir is a wine that you can sink your teeth into.

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