Husch Vineyards Mendocino Chenin Blanc 2011

The  Husch Vineyards Chenin Blanc husch-chenin-blanc-wine-0910-s3-medium_new2011 is sourced from sustainably farmed Husch managed vineyards in the Mendocino AVA of Northern California. Husch Vineyards was founded (they were also the very first winery in the valley) in the Anderson Valley sub AVA of Mendocino in 1971 and was purchased by the Oswald Family in 1979. Husch has practiced sustainable farming techniques since the 1970s. Chenin Blanc (also known as Vouvray) is one of my favorite White grapes, it is extremely versatile, it takes well to oak aging, it can have depth and weight or be bright and fruity and makes a wonderful Sparkling wine. I think one of the reasons it is not more popular, is that it can taste so different depending on where it is grown and how it is made. You may find a Chenin that you enjoy and when you can’t find the same brand, you pick up another label and that Chenin may be produced in a very different style. This Chenin Blanc (Husch has been producing Chenin Blanc since 1984) receives no aging, as soon as fermentation is complete they blend the different lots and bottle the wine. The alcohol content is 13.6%. I found it for $9.99 on sale, should be around $13 full price.

The color is a pale, crystal clear extra virgin olive oil yellow. It has a wonderful midwestern fruit stand nose, lush peach, pear and apple, with a hint of fresh squeezed lime juice. It tastes of melon, Del Monte pear slices, lemon cream, a light brush of minerality and pink grapefruit. The mid palate adds apricot and a spritz of orange juice. The mouthfeel is full and a touch on the silky side. The finish is bold and long lasting.

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Buy two bottles of the Husch Vineyards Mendocino Chenin Blanc, because the first bottle will be empty before you know it. This Chenin Blanc is fresh, full bodied, bursting with flavor, yet under control and elegant, a very nice balancing act. If you have a friend that isn’t into wine, but would like to give it try, start them off with the Husch Chenin Blanc. It is a touch sweet and has all the flavors and textures of a wonderful White wine and it is all laid out in a way even a novice can truly understand. Husch Vineyards Chenin Blanc rocks. 

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