Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose’

jacobscreeksparklingmoscatorose'The Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose’ is a non vintage Bubbly sourced from grapes grown in South Eastern Australia. Moscato is the popular name for wine produced from the Muscat grape. The Muscat grape may be the oldest domesticated grape and comes in dozens of varieties and not only is it a White wine grape, but it comes in Red, too. A Rose’ gets its color, in Sparkling wine, when they add a small amount of Red wine to the juice, just enough to give the desired color. Jacob’s Creek does not give out a great deal of information on this Bubbly, but it was probably made using the Charmat Method. The same method used with Prosecco, where the bubbles are added during the 2nd fermentation, in large pressurized vats. The alcohol content is a low 9%.

The color is an apricot pink, with loads of tight tiny, energetic bubbles. The nose is elegant, light scents of fresh strawberry, cherries and raspberry, along with crisp dose of lime. This Moscato Rose’ is surprisingly balanced and a little on the sophisticated side. It has a slightly viscous mouth feel and tastes of cherry and raspberry lemonade along with a touch of candy spice. The mid palate brings pear and soft sprinkling of pepper. The acidity is on the subdued side of balanced and the finish is lengthy.

The Jacob’s Sparkling Moscato Rose’ has an attractive sweetness, that never becomes cloying or sticky. It is extremely crisp and refreshing and you tend to grab your glass for another sip a bit too often (but at 9% alcohol, maybe that is ok). The Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose’ is a fun, very tasty, trifle of a Bubbly. Maybe not the wine you would choose for an anniversary or very special occasion, but would work well with good friends sitting around and talking and actually that is a pretty special occasion.

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