Green Fin Grenache Rose’ 2013

grrenfin_rose_3The Green Fin Grenache Rose’ 2013 is 76% Grenache, 20% mixed Red grapes and 4% mixed White grapes sourced from certified organic (the Green Fin is Vegan friendly, too) vineyards located in more than one California grape growing AVA. Green Fin is a $4.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive, produced by Bronco Wines (the makers of Two Buck Chuck) and about 90 other US wines. The bottles use thinner glass that saves weight, uses fewer resources and reduces shipping costs and the labels are made with recycled paper. If they figure out a way to be carbon neutral and use all solar power, this may be the house wine for the Sierra Club. It costs a small fortune in time and cash to convert a vineyard to a certified organic designation. There are vineyards in California that operate organically, but don’t have the money or personnel to complete the organic certification, they are going to gradually get there. So, it is a bit unusual to see certified organic grapes in a $4.99 wine. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is clear, clean amber tinted pink. The nose is subdued, fresh raspberry, cherry, strawberry, spearmint and a little melon. The Green Fin Rose’ is a dry wine and the flavors have a slight candied (not sweet) edge to them. It tastes of strawberry, a slap of tart cherry and raspberry hard candies (again the flavor without the candy sweetness). The mid-palate brings ripe plums. The acidity does not have the balance of a Rose’ from Provence, but isn’t bad for an organic $4.99 wine. The finish is soft and fades quickly, but does linger.

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The Green Fin Grenache Rose’ 2013 is a pretty solid five buck wine, very drinkable, with pleasing flavors, it doesn’t have the structure and depth of more expensive Rose’, but that is not a huge complaint considering all that you are getting for the money. Rose’ is usually considered a warm weather drink, but the Green Fin has enough body to be a 4 season sipper. The Green Fin Grenache Rose’ is a read deal Rose’ selling at an amazing price.


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