Frey Vineyards Natural White Organic Table Wine

originalThe Frey Vineyards Natural White Organic Table whine is a non-vintage blend of Chenin Blanc (grown in certified organic vineyards in Butte County, which is near the Sierra Foothills and is included in the Central Coast AVA) and Chardonnay (sourced from certified organic vineyards in the Mendocino AVA, Frey Vineyards is located in Mendocino). Frey (a family owned and operated winery) is the first American vineyard to be certified organic (since 1980) and is the first American vineyard to be certified Biodynamic. Frey does not add sulfates to its wines, does not add sugar to sweeten the wine and does not adjust the natural acidity of the wine. They use natural yeasts to start fermentation and are in the process of obtaining certified organic yeasts. Frey vineyards is the real deal, a sustainable, low carbon footprint, vegan friendly, solar powered, toxic free facility. On top of all that the Natural White Organic wine sells for under $10. The alcohol content is 13.6%.

The color is a golden yellow, shiny and clear. The nose is peaches and pears, a little bit of honey, some green apple and pineapple juice. This a medium bodied White wine, there is some heft to the mouthfeel. It starts off with cantaloupe and unsweetened 7up, then comes Anjou pear. The mid palate brings in a slap of minerality, a soft touch of peach and tart lime juice. This is a very dry wine, if your palate has become used to White wines that have sugar added to them, the Natural White will remind you of how White wine used to taste. The acidity allows a subtle finish to linger for a while.

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The Frey Natural White Organic Wine is an eyeopener, modern winemaking techniques that add this and adjust that have become so pervasive, that it is easy to forget how natural, unmanipulated wine tastes. This is a wine that will need to be chilled down to show its best. The Natural White is a wine with its heart in the right place, its good to you and good for you.

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