The Flama D’Or Cava Rose’ Brut is produced with the Trepat grape grown in vineyards near the town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the Province of Catalonia (major city is Barcelona) in northeast Spain, this is where Cava comes from. Flama D’Or is part of Castell D’Or a group of 9 wine communes covering different sections of the  Catalonia growing region. A wine commune is a group of vineyard owners (these groups can include 100s of small growers) who do not have the capacity to make wine on their own, but by banding together they have the volume and the cash to create word-class wine. The Trepat grape is indigenous to the region and is often used in the production of Rose’. Cava is made the exact same way as Champagne is produced, the Traditional Method. And here the 2nd fermentation, this is where the bubbles are formed, lasts a minimum of 12 months in the bottle. This is a Brut Sparkling wine which indicates that it is a dry wine and not sweet. The alcohol content is a subdued 11.5%.

The color is dark pink with a touch of copper, and there are loads of tiny energetic bubbles. The nose is strawberry , melon, kiwi, with a delicate floral edge. This is a Bubbly with rounded fruit and citrus flavors and tart mid-palate. It tastes of tart cherry, fresh-picked strawberry, and a dash of lemon mixed with peach. The mid-palate adds pink-lemonade and a little buttered bakery bread. The acidity is well-balanced, some inexpensive Sparkling wines can over-do it. the finish is crisp and lengthy.

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The Flama D’Or Cava Rose’ Brut rocks, I found it on sale for $7.99 and even at full price of 10 or 11 bucks this wine delivers. I have found over the years that a $10 Bubbly is usually a better wine than a $10 still wine. I think that’s because everyone who buys a medium-priced to expensive Sparkling wine opts for Champagne. That leaves most of the other Sparkling wine producers who are not located in Champagne, France fighting for the space beneath Champagnes price point. Competition is fierce and that means Bubbles that don’t cut it don’t make it to the store shelves. Everyday Bubbly is a wonderful thing, this Flama D’Or Cava Rose’ Brut goes down real easy, maybe too easy if you know what I mean.

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