CheapWineFinder Makes a Hurricane Cocktail For Mardi Gras

CheapWineFinder Podcast
CheapWineFinder Podcast
CheapWineFinder Makes a Hurricane Cocktail For Mardi Gras

Chateau Quake and Domaine Dave love New Orleans, the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and Frenchman Street, so in honor of Mardi gras we decided to do CheapWineFinder Makes a Hurricane Cocktail For Mardi Gras.

CheapWineFinder Makes a Hurricane Cocktail For Mardi Gras

Pat O’Brien’s Bar on Bourbon Street has been on Bourbon since 1933 and is one of the most iconic bars in the world. In the 1940s they invented the Hurricane Cocktail and if you visit the Quarter trying a Hurricane is a must.

We bought a bottle of the official Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Cocktail mix and tried to see if we could replicate the experience back home in Chicago. We used Baccardi White Rum and Baccardi Amber Rum. must recipes suggested dark rum, but we used what we had on hand.

Checking the internet for Hurricane recipes brought a confusing array of options none of which sounded original. These are not the kind of cocktails that call for top-shelf liquor.

We made a Hurricane, they suggested a one on one mix, with White Rum, with Amber Rum, and with equal parts of both rums. All variations worked with the Amber Rum being closest to the Bourbon Street original.

We also went off track and talked about our New Orleans music picks and some strange experiences that can only happen in the French Quarter. The next review and podcast will be back to our usual selves,

So here is our Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Extravaganza!!!

Check out the PODCAST below!!!

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