31PkPxmvsRL.01._SR300,300_Most white Bordeauxs I’ve encountered are typically blends with the dominant grape being Sauvignon Blanc. However, this wine has quite a different mix. It is made up of 60% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon Blanc, and 5% Muscadelle. If you’re thinking “wait, isn’t Semillon usually a dessert wine?”, don’t worry – I had the same reaction.

There is definitely some sweetness here, but this is no syrupy dessert wine. This is a wonderfully balanced, medium bodied, sinfully delicious white wine I picked up at Evolution Wine and Spirits for $18.99.

You get zesty grapefruit on the nose, which you’d expect from Sauvignon Blanc, but ripe peaches and floral notes as well thanks to the Muscadelle and Semillon. All of the grapes are from 45-48 year old vines and were grown in clay and limestone soil. Older vines tend to produce fewer grapes with more concentrated and complex flavor profiles, which you will taste here. There is some tartness on the palate from the citrus flavors and acidity, but it is balanced by a pleasant sweetness and very slight effervescence. The finish lingers and makes you want another sip.

Because of the slight sweetness in this wine, it would pair quite well with spicier foods and, of course, the usual chicken and fish suspects. That said, this wine was so delightful on its own, consider the food optional.

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