Corte Giara 2009 Merlot Corvina Del Veneto

When I saw this wine for $8.99 at Evolution Wines & Spirits, I had to try it – the blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Corvina was too intriguing to pass up. I enjoy Merlot because it is typically a soft easy going wine, and my familiarity with Corvina was from a brief love affair…

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Villa Wolf 2011 Dornfelder

I knew Germany made red wine, but until I encountered Villa Wolf’s Dornfelder for $12.99 at Evolution Wines & Spirits, I’d never seen or consumed any. I assumed the wine wine would be highly acidic and quite tart in character – what the industry might call a “stern” wine – but this was nothing of…

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Chateau Ducasse 2010 Bordeaux Blanc

Most white Bordeauxs I’ve encountered are typically blends with the dominant grape being Sauvignon Blanc. However, this wine has quite a different mix. It is made up of 60% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon Blanc, and 5% Muscadelle. If you’re thinking “wait, isn’t Semillon usually a dessert wine?”, don’t worry – I had the same reaction. There…

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