Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry

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Ca'Belli Prosecco Extra Dry

The Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry is a $7.99 Trader Joe’s US exclusive though it is available in other countries under this label. This is a DOC Prosecco from an Italian custom wine producer. To start with the basics, Prosecco is produced from the Glera grape grown in the Prosecco region of Veneto in Northern Italy.

Ca'Belli Prosecco Extra Dry

Prosecco is the largest-selling Sparkling wine in terms of volume, Champagne is the most profitable Sparkling wine due to its much higher price tag. Prosecco undergoes two fermentation processes, the first not unlike typical still wine. The once-fermented wine is transferred to huge pressurized vats. Measured amounts of sugar and yeast are added the pressure is turned on and in a few weeks to a few months, the bubble process is complete.

The more expensive Prosecco wines typically have a longer second fermentation. Trader Joe’s does not provide details on the Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry, but the second fermentation figures to be a few weeks rather than a few months.

Most of the Prosecco region is rated as a DOC wine with a few areas designated DOCG (the G stands for Guarantee). At the value-price range, I can never tell the difference between a DOC or a DOCG Prosecco. The difference becomes more apparent in the higher price range wines.

The Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry is rated as a slightly sweet wine, 2/3rds of all Prosecco produced is rated Extra Dry (slightly sweet). Italians drink their Prosecco Extra Dry. The best Champagne wines are dry(not sweet), so a lot of folks think all Sparkling wine should be dry, but Prosecco can use the added sweetness. It counters some of the natural acidity and gives a little bit of body to the flavors. The alcohol content is a mild 10.5%.

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The Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry Tasting Notes

The color is clear with a touch of silver with a solid supply of bubbles. The nose is tart apple, pear, lemon, grapefruit, nectarine, and soft spice. The Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry is crisp Bubbly with solid acidity and a little sweetness on the finish.

This Prosecco tastes like a stew of green apple, ripe peach, and lemon, with Anjou pear, and grapefruit. The mid-palate adds a nutty/salty sensation, unsweetened pineapple, and lime. The extra sugar from the Extra Dry rating helps to balance the acidity.

The Summary

  • The Ca’Belli Prosecco Extra Dry is a very tasty Sparkling wine and a bargain at $7.99.
  • Sometimes an unassuming, but good-tasting wine is exactly what you need.

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