The Beau Rocher Brut Rose’ is a non-vintage French Sparkling wine, the label says Mousseux which along with Cremant is French for any Bubbly not produced in Champagne. I choose this bottle because it was the cheapest French Bubbly, $5.99, in the store, it may well have the cheapest French wine of any sort on the shelves. There is not any information concerning Beau Rocher on the internet (no grapes used, nothing), the importer also brings in J.P. Chenet wines who are the largest producer of French wine. While the Beau Rocher was not listed on their website the label is extremely similar to other Sparkling wines they offer. This may be one of their private labels and can possibly be available in other areas under a different name. This is a Product en France wine which does not marrow down where the grapes were grown and the wine produced, at all. Also, French Bubbly made in the Traditional Method usually have the Champanoise Method plaster all over the label, so this may be made in the Prosecco style where the 2nd fermentation occurs in huge pressurized vats, the bottle gives no indication to how the wine was produced. Not that I care one way or the other, it’s $5.99 French Bubbly, if it tastes good who cares how the bubbles got there. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is a pale salmon pink, the bubbles come out in a flurry but slow down before too long. The nose is pretty, light and very floral, with just a hint of strawberry and lemon. This is a delicate, crisp, Bubbly, slightly yeasty on the mid-palate. It tastes of tart strawberry, a little slap of minerality, lemons and cherry, all the flavors are subtle. The mid-palate adds yeasty bread (just a hint) and nectarine (not sweet). The acidity is balanced, maybe a little on the light side. The finish is delicate and does linger.

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In a blind tasting you would never guess the Beau Rocher Brut Rose’ was a $5.99 bubbly. This is a very drinkable Bubbly, it is subtle and subdued, but that may well be a plus for inexpensive bubbles, I have had inexpensive Cava that was so acidic it gave you heartburn to drink it. A case of 12 bottles is less than $75, at that price this is a very useable Sparkling wine. It may not be available everywhere, but Binny’s has it. It may not be your New Years Eve Bubbly, it may not have a great pedigree, but Beau Rocher Brut Rose’ drinks well and is a bargain priced.


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