Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018

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Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018

The Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018, Ius Naturae translates to Natural Law, is farmed in certified organic Estate vineyards in the DOCG Valdobbiadene district of the Prosecco region of Veneto in northern Italy.

Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018

This is a vintage Prosecco, from the 2018 vintage, which is a bit different from the usual seemingly available everywhere non-vintage Prosecco. While a non-vintage Sparkling wine is blended from several vintages, that allows the winemaker to maintain a “House Style” that can be replicated year after year.

A vintage Sparkling wine will express the growing season of a single particular year. Sparkling wine producers often produce a vintage-dated Bubbly in years where the conditions were just right in the vineyard.

Bartolomiol was founded in the 1980s and has converted all their estate vineyards to organic farming. The Valdobbiadene DOCG section of Prosecco is a hilly region in the center.

Grapevines love hillsides since the vines are staggered and each vine gets the same amount of sunlight. When it rains the water rolls downhill, the vines gat a drink, but water does not pool around the roots of the vines which can cause issues mold and disease.

The Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018 is a DOCG designated wine which indicates the vines were planted in prime growing locations and the farming the wine production adhered to strict standards. The G in DOCG translates to guaranteed. They are not guaranteeing that you will like the wine, but are attesting to the quality of the wine.

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I am actually pretty happy with the good old regular DOC Prosecco, it is priced right and tastes great. But I am very interested to try a Prosecco with all the bells and whistles. Organic estate vineyards, vintage-dated, and a three-month-long 2nd fermentation (typical Prosecco is in the autoclave for a few weeks or so). The alcohol content is a mild 11.5%.

Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018 tasting Notes

The color is gold with a hint of silver the bubbles keep coming and coming. The nose is ripe crisp apple, lemon chiffon, pear, grapefruit, and a little melon.

This is a Prosecco that engages your palate, it definitely has body. This is a sleek, balanced fruit-forward Bubbly. It tastes of a blend of apple, lemon, and melon, with a streak of sharp spice.

The mid-palate adds a little sweet peach, apricot, and soft tangerine.

The acidity of the Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018 sizzles through-out the length of the Bubbly, but does not bite, it is very well-balanced.

The Summary

  • My first thought after tasting the Bartolomiol Ius Naturae DOCG Prosecco 2018 is that if I had tasted the Bartolomiol as my first Prosecco it would have helped in choosing my favorite go-to value-priced Prosecco.
  • Tasting an exquisite Prosecco first would have told me what I need to look for in a quality Prosecco.
  • Then again it may have ruined me for value Prosecco and doomed me to pay twice the price for the vintage stuff.
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