Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022

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Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022

The Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022 is an exclusive $9.99 Aldi import. Gavi White wines are from the Provence of Alexandria in the southeast corner of Piedmont in Italy. Gavi is produced from the Cortese grape and is typically 100% Cortese. Gavi is considered THE White wine of Piedmont with Barolo made from the Nebbiolo grape the King of Red wines.

Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022

Aldi’s Specially Selected series comprises at least 60 wines from premier growing locations throughout Europe and prime growing regions. Most of these wines seemed to have stayed at Aldi Europe, my local Aldi stores have offered a fraction of these wines.

The are over 300 white wine grapes in Italy, all of them well worth drinking and all of them well suited to the cuisine of their perspective regions. But most American wine drinkers only know Pinot Grigio and the great success of that wine is something of a fluke.

The Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022 is a DOCG-designated, wine which is the highest Italian wine category. Docg wines have strict rules concerning the vineyard, wine production, and even how many bottles a winery can bottle. So if you figure a ten-dollar Aldi Italian wine could not possibly be of good quality you would be wrong since the wine conformed to all the quality standards.

The back label says this is a dry wine and will pair with seafood and light pasta dishes. The alcohol content is a mild 12.5%.

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The Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is a very pale gold. The nose is clean and open, there is fresh apple juice, lemon, husky melon, spice, a hint of minerality, stone fruit, and lime. The Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022 has a fresh, sleek mouthfeel, with interesting flavors and textures.

This Italian White wine tastes like viscous tart apple, pear, lemon, and coconut water. The mid-palate enjoys nectarine, a little creamy note, dried pineapple, and juicy guava.

The acidity is nicely balanced and this wine has good length.

The Summary

  • The Aldi Specially Selected Gavi DOCG 2022 is unexpected and delicious.
  • This wine is very relatable but also different from the usual top White wines.
  • This wine should be far more popular in the US than it is, try it and maybe we can start a trend!
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