Trader Joe’s DOC Prosecco

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Trader Joe's DOC Prosecco

The Trader Joe’s DOC Prosecco is an $8.99 import exclusive for a Sparkling wine from the Prosecco region of Veneto in Northern Italy. The back label says a branch of Zonin, a large and excellent Italian wine producer produced it.

Trader Joe's DOC Prosecco

If you are new to Prosecco, this Bubbly is made from the Glera grape which is indigenous to the area. To produce this Sparkling wine they must ferment the grapes twice. The first fermentation is not much different than any other still or non-Spanling wine. The main difference is the grapes are picked early before they sweeten. The 2 fermentations will get them to the desired sweetness level.

After the 1st fermentation, the juice is transferred to huge pressurized fermentation vats. A measured amount of sugar and yeast is added to the vat, sealed, and the pressure is turned on. The juice remains under pressure for a few weeks to a few months. After the proper length of time, the wine is bottled.

By contrast, Champagne-style or Traditional method Sparkling wine has a second fermentation of 9 months to 18 months and often much more for the more expensive Bubbly. The Traditional Method is Rennaisance technology and the Prosecco or Charmat Method is Industrial-age technology. Charmat/Prosecco Bubbly is the leader worldwide by volume and Champagne-style Bubbly is the leader by value.

There are two designations for Prosecco, DOC and DOCG. The DOC is the Italian wine commission and they set the standards in the vineyard and wine production. The DOCG, the G stands for Guarantee, refers to a hilly section in the middle of the Prosecco region which is thought to have the ideal conditions. There are a couple of DOCG areas around the edges of the Prosecco region, which are smaller and produce a comparatively small amount of Bubbly.

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The Trader Joe’s DOC Prosecco is a well-priced ($8.99) Bubbly made by an excellent producer and has an alcohol content of 11%.

The Trader Joe’s DOC Prosecco Tasting Notes

The color is silver with a hint of gold. The nose is lemon, grapefruit, green apple, peach, Anjou pear, and a hint of cream. The Trader Joe’s DOC Prosecco is a tasty stew of fruit and citrus flavors with a little spice added. It has a bit of heft on the palate.

This Prosecco tastes like melon, lemon, and peach, followed by a slap of exotic spice and creamy sensation. The mid-palate shows lemon drop candy (Yes, just a little sweet, the bottle does not have a sweetness designation such as Brut or Seimi Dry, but I would say this wine is a little on the sweet side, though the acidity does balance the wine) and a little stone fruit.

The Summary

  • The Trader Joe’s DOC Prosecco is a solid value-priced Bubbly.
  • It is full of flavor and well-made.
  • It can easily be your go-to budget Bubbly!
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